Saturday, 13 July 2013

Brandi Glanville Gets Drunk, Slips Out of Dress

Brandi Glanville
No one can ever tell Brandi Glanville that she doesn’t know how to party. The seductress best known for her role on “Real Housewives” apparently got drunk in West Hollywood yesterday and then awesomeness soon transpired.

Check out the 9 pictures of Brandi Glanville below to see a couple glorious nipple slips and other sizzling shots of the 40-year-old.
It looks like she mostly partied at Dan Tana’s and then finished off her night at the lovely London Hotel. As for the name of the lucky guy on her arm — I have no idea. But judging by the look in her eye, I’m willing to bet that man has a gigantic smile on his face right now.
 Brandi Glanville

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